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Laser Marking Systems

Marks are made using a light beam as opposed to a metal stylus. Laser marking is an excellent choice when needing to mark various types of plastic or the hardest metals. Lasers can mark very, very small machine and human read text, 1D and 2D codes. There are no consumables. Unlike micro-percussion, lasers do not require fixturing of the part. Software is intuitive; five clicks and you are marking. Quieter than micro-percussion, marking lasers can be integrated or stand alone on a bench-top.
JET 3 Ink-Jet Printers

Ink-Jet Printers and Monitoring Systems

Innovation and quality to an extremely high degree attributes to the Continuous Ink Jet printers supplied. They feature: Easy Handling; Flexible Integration; High Availability; Low Maintenance; Reliability; Efficiency: Automatic Nozzle Seal; and German technology. Optional scanning is available to insure the mark printed meets specifications.

Dot Peen Marking Solutions

The principle of micro-precision marking is based on making indents in the material using a vibrating tool. The marking can be carried out on all types of material up to a hardness of 62 HRC: treated or untreated metals and plastics, woods, etc.. The single marking tool creates permanent markings that are aesthetic and indelible. Due to its design, the marking tool creates low stress in the material and can mark parts or tags (from 0.5mm). Compared to other marking technologies this technology requires no additional consumables. It is therefore the most cost effective marking system to run.

Manual and Automated Printers

Exclusive U.S. and Canada distributor of B. Grauel GmbH Off-Set Presses, which are used for marking or decorating products. Since 1878, they have been developing machines and systems which guarantee maximum performance. They employ the know-how and experience in order to supply customers with top quality solutions and products. Their designers are capable of providing machines and systems as well as specifications, which are optimally tailored to meet practical demands. This customer-oriented product development means that the name GRAUEL has become a by-word throughout the world when it comes to marking systems.
MB32 Manual controlled bench type machine

Stamping Presses and Marking Equipment

The Manual and Impact Presses provide the versatility in manufacturing operations. Whether the need is marking, piercing, shearing, punching, forming, stamping or assembly, the impact press will be the one machine for all your needs. The unique impact spring design provides consistent pressure from piece to piece, even with variations of air pressure or operator input.
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